No main light is coming. Is this the sense of atmosphere you want?

The main light is coming. There is atmosphere and no electricity! In recent years, the design without main lights has become more and more popular with owners and design companies. From a light bulb to a ceiling lamp, and then to a blind light.
With regard to lighting, all this has developed too fast
Point light source? Is it bright enough?
Some owners will say:
From the perspective of traditional psychology and visual experience, I hope there is a main light that is bright enough.
If it is a point light source, the room must be dark, and I am also worried that the vision of children at home will be affected.
Professional answers:
The use of point light sources in large spaces such as living rooms has been controversial.
But from the design point of view, what kind of light source does the living room need first?
The living room functions of each family are basically the same.
Leisure, communication, reception, dining
In order to create a warm family environment, the role of lighting is very important.
Why do some snack bars use pale light bulbs for lighting, while some restaurants of some grades use warm light yellow light? That's why.
So in a comfortable living room space, the combination of lights should be diverse to create a different atmosphere.



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