The point light source is widely used in the wall lighting of the facade of the building, and the outline of buildings such as houses, bridges, etc

Concept of point light: point light is idealized as particle light. Point light source is an abstract physical concept in order to simplify the study of physical problems. Just like the smooth plane, particle and no air resistance, point light source does not exist in reality, which refers to the light source that emits uniformly from a point to the surrounding space. Function of point light source: point light source is a new type of lighting decorative LED lamp, which uses built-in LED cold light source, and the point light source can emit different colors according to needs; At the same time, a microcomputer chip can be built in to realize full-color effects such as seven-color gradient, jump, scan and flow through programming control; It can also replace the display screen of a certain specification by the array and shape combination of multiple point light pixels, and can change various patterns, text, animation and video effects; Point light is a supplement to linear light and omni lighting. Application occasions of point light source: because the dot matrix screen composed of point light source also has quite good visual effect when viewed from a distance, it can meet the visual needs of large advertising at a distance; Therefore, point light sources are widely used in the production of large-area roof lattice screens, the lighting of the walls of the building facades, the outline of buildings such as houses and bridges, the lighting decoration and decoration of parks, rivers and squares, the background signs and interior decoration lighting works of large doorways such as hotels, hotels and KTVs, as well as the lighting occasions of other special shaped objects and buildings.



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