What should I pay attention to when installing the Led floodlight?

LED projection lamp is a kind of high intensity aluminum profile lamp. The light transmission cover is made of toughened glass, with high light transmission and abrasion resistance. It can be selected from monochrome or tricolor. At the same time, 16.7 million color changes can be realized through DMX512 control. Integrated heat dissipation structure design, long service life and good stability. Built-in high-efficiency power supply, higher power conversion rate; The needs of various social applications. LED floodlights are also called led spotlights. It is a light whose light intensity on a specific lighting surface is higher than that of the surrounding environment. Generally speaking, it can see all directions and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. It is mainly installed in building corridors, gymnasiums, viaducts, monuments, parks and flower beds.
Basically, all outdoor large lighting lamps can be used as floodlights. Bright color, good monochromaticity, mild light source, low output power, long service life, and sustainable use of 50000 hours. Moreover, its LED projection lamp arm is exquisite, easy to hide or install, not easy to damage, not heat transfer, and conducive to the maintenance of the illuminated object, with a very wide range of application.
The angle of view of the outgoing beam of the projection lamp is wide and narrow, and the transition range is between 0 ° and 180 °. The especially narrow beam is called the searchlight.
Spotlight application site:
LED floodlights are mainly used in single buildings, wall lighting of historical and ancient buildings, internal and external lighting of buildings, indoor local lighting, landscaping lighting, billboard lighting, sculpture landscape and other lighting places.
LED floodlight
Safety application and installation precautions of LED floodlights:
1. LED floodlight is waterproof and moisture-proof, and its protection level can reach IP65. It can withstand the rain test from top to bottom, but it cannot work underwater, and its protection level cannot meet the requirements of underwater work.
2. The installation position of lamps must have sufficient bearing capacity and can bear more than 10 times the weight of driving power.
3. The power supply of lamps is high voltage alternating current. Keep away from places where people are easy to touch, and do a good job of lighting grounding. You must connect the ground wire.
4. This lamp is very sensitive to the ambient temperature. When the working environment temperature is higher than 45 ℃, its service life will be significantly reduced, accompanied by serious signs of light decay. Therefore, the lamps should be placed in a ventilated place to maintain good heat dissipation conditions.
5. The working ambient temperature of lamps shall be between - 25 ℃ and 45 ℃. Therefore, the temperature of the workplace shall not exceed 45 ℃ to ensure the service life of the lamp.
6. Because the power of the lamp is relatively large, the appropriate power line should be selected according to the actual power when arranging the power line.
The above are the matters needing attention during the installation of LED floodlights.



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