Nightscape lighting of common outdoor buildings

Nightscape lighting of buildings The most commonly used nightscape lighting of buildings are floodlighting, contour lighting, interior pervious lighting, etc. Floodlighting of building facades is to directly illuminate the building facades with floodlights at a certain angle calculated by design, to reshape the image of the building at night.
The effect can not only show the overall view of the building, but also effectively show the shape, three-dimensional sense, stone decoration materials and material texture, and even decoration details of the building. Floodlighting is not simply to reproduce the daytime image of the building, but to use the light, color and shadow segments of projection lighting to reshape the more moving, beautiful and magnificent image of the building at night. Building outline lighting is to use linear light sources (string light, neon light, Meinai light, light guide tube, LED light bar, all-body luminous fiber, etc.) to directly draw the building outline.
Narrow beam light can also play a role in outlining the building edge. Internal light transmission lighting is to use indoor light or lamps installed in special positions to transmit light from the inside of the building to form exquisite night scene lighting effect. The shape and area of the night scene lighting plaza are both amorphous and diverse. The lighting must be set on the premise of meeting the functional lighting, and give full play to the functions of the plaza according to the inherent characteristics of the plaza.
For square landscape lighting, first of all, the landscape lighting of buildings around the square should be unified with the lighting of the square, the lighting of the square and the roads around the square should be coordinated, and the inherent culture should be integrated. The square lighting mainly includes: fountain, square ground and landmark, tree array, entrance and exit lights of underground shopping malls or subways, and surrounding green space, flower beds and other environmental lighting.



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