Business Assistant
Job description:
1. Follow up the completion progress of business orders;
2. Responsible for customer communication and maintenance;
3. Assist in daily business work;
4. Follow up the order production progress;
5. Those with outstanding performance can be transferred to professional sales.
1. Familiar with sales process, strong language expression and communication skills;
2. Good at communication and time management, careful, patient, organized and gentle;
3. Experience in sales of LED lighting products is preferred;
4. Proficient in the use of computers and common office software, better able to use CAD software;
5. College degree or above, excellent fresh graduates are also acceptable.

vocational work

1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products
2. Complete sales targets according to the marketing plan
3. Expand new markets, develop new customers and increase the scope of product sales
4. Complete the work tasks assigned by the superior
1. Male or female, industry related experience is preferred
2. College degree or above, major in marketing, management, science and engineering is preferred,;
3. Optimistic, proactive, strong pressure resistance, teamwork spirit and good professional ethics;
4. Hardworking and adaptable to business trips
5. Love the sales of LED lighting engineering

If you have excellent skills, can shoulder heavy responsibilities, and dare to challenge yourself, call 4000-868-111 to make an appointment for an interview!



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